Solar forecasts

The Proa Forecasting System (PFS) was developed with advanced techniques to provide state-of-the-art forecasts to a range of applications where solar is increasingly important. Several data sources are combined to create an optimal forecast of the solar irradiance for each time scale. Then, detailed modelling of the configuration and shading of PV systems is used to estimate accurately their power output. For regional or networks forecasts, validated statistics on the performance of thousands of real world PV systems are used to calculate the aggregated generation.

The PFS can calculate custom solar forecasts for:

  • single PV systems,
  • large scale solar plants,
  • entire networks, states, or countries,
  • any application affected by solar irradiance (e.g. bushfire modelling or crop modelling)

Forecasts are available for any location in Australia, updated every 10 minutes, and delivered using our secure API data feed.