Proa Analytics provides customised services in the fields of solar forecasting, solar modelling, and energy systems analysis and optimisation:

  • Solar PV forecasting: We have developed the Proa Forecasting System (PFS) to provide real time customised generation forecasts for single systems, utility scale solar plants, and entire networks. Click here to read more about the PFS.
  • Solar PV modelling: We provide accurate modelling of the generation of small to large scale solar PV systems. For example, we can provide historical generation estimates at any location for the last 15 years to help with planning or feasibility studies. Using our state-of-the-art solar PV models, we can also analyse the performance and configuration of single sites, or thousands of real world systems in a network automatically.
  • Energy systems modelling: We help companies analyse the financial, environmental and technical performance of energy systems from the short term to the long term. We have expertise in small and large scale generation, energy efficiency, energy storage and system integration modelling.

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