Proa delivers first solar farm self-forecast approved by Australian Energy Market Operator

September 2019

Update: news announced by AEMO:

Proa is now delivering the first solar farm self-forecast to be approved by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) for dispatch of the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Proa’s solar self-forecasts for the 95 MW Tailem Bend Solar Project in South Australia, made in partnership with Vena Energy Australia, owner and operator of the solar farm, are the first to be accepted into AEMO’s centralised dispatch process that orchestrates power generation across southern and eastern Australia.

“Proa is proud to be the first to pass AEMO’s rigorous assessment for forecast accuracy and reliability. This achievement demonstrates Proa’s quality and innovation,”, said Dr. Victor Depoorter, Proa’s Technical Director. “Providing more accurate forecasts of solar and wind generation means that all other assets across the NEM are used more efficiently. This enhances system security, reduces electricity prices and reduces emissions. The first self-forecast provided by a renewable generator is a significant milestone for Australia’s energy industry.”

“Solar farms themselves strongly benefit from providing self-forecasts through improved operations and reduced FCAS costs.”


The ability for solar and wind farms to submit self-forecasts for NEM dispatch was made possible through a partnership between the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and AEMO. Previously, solar and wind forecasts were only made by AEMO itself. Proa also leads a 2 year ARENA funded project to demonstrate its new solar forecasting technology at three other solar farms: Kidston and Oakey 1 in Queensland and Bannerton in Victoria, with $728k ARENA funding and total project budget of $1.4M.

Victor Depoorter said: “Proa also gratefully acknowledges our partner Vena Energy Australia. Companies like Vena Energy are leading the clean energy transition, and on innovative projects such as this are working make that transition faster and more secure for all.”

The Proa Forecasting System integrates geostationary satellite imaging, on-site cloud imaging and other data to provide highly accurate forecasts of solar generation from 5 minutes up to 7 days ahead. Proa is now working to integrate other solar farms into AEMO dispatch, whilst also continuing to deploy and improve its forecasting algorithms.

About Proa

Proa ( is an Australian solar forecasting and energy system modelling company, providing state-of-the-art solar forecasts. Proa’s currently provides forecasts for solar farms including Tailem Bend Solar Farm, leads an ARENA funded project at other NEM solar farms, provides forecasts to Horizon Power in WA for the Onslow Renewable Energy Project, among other projects. For more information on Proa and the benefits of Proa solar forecasts, please visit or contact us below:

Proa Analytics solar forecasting ARENA project

18 March 2019

Proa Analytics will lead an ARENA funded project demonstrating its advanced, solar forecasting system at three Australian solar farms. The Proa Forecasting System was 100% developed in Australia for Australian conditions. It combines state-of-the-art ground based, digital imaging with geostationary satellite and other data. The three partnering solar farms will provide a valuable demonstration of Proa’s technology across Australia’s diverse climate:

Victor Depoorter, Proa Analytics co-founder and Technical Director said:

“Improved forecasts of solar farm power output will reduce energy costs whilst helping more renewables to enter the market.  We are therefore very excited to demonstrate our state-of-the-art forecasting technologies with our partners.”

Harrison Hoolihan, Genex Power Senior Associate said:

 “As a leading renewable energy company, Genex Power understands the benefits that improved forecasts will have for solar farms and the entire electricity market, and we look forward to working with Proa Analytics on this project.”

Tully Robertson, Technical Portfolio Manager at Foresight Group Australia said:

“Advanced solar forecasts will improve grid operations and reduce frequency regulation costs for solar farms, and so Foresight is excited to partner with Proa Analytics to demonstrate this new forecasting technology.”


Proa Forecasting OverviewOverview of Proa Forecasting System

kidston aerial photo

Kidston Solar Farm in far north Queensland will be one of the locations for the forecasting demonstration project, in partnership with Genex Power which owns and operates the solar farm. (Photo courtesy: Genex Power).

About Proa Analytics

Proa Analytics ( creates tools to understand energy systems. In response to the need to better manage the integration of solar technologies into the grid, Proa Analytics has developed advanced and innovative solutions to model and forecast solar PV generation in Australia. Proa Analytics is an Australian company of engineers and scientists led by Matthew Jeppesen and Victor Depoorter.

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Proa Analytics, the Proa Forecasting System, and this Project, contact us using the form below:


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